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October 30th, 2023 YouTube Video - Disabled & Unfiltered Spiritual Awakening

Enjoy the the written message that was shared aloud in the video.


To ignite a fire in you. To be the best of oneself and to experience life as all, and what you can...That is the goal, my soul friend.

Across the veil is not as you'd expect, so release all fears and give them to God. God will blow you kisses, giving what you gave to him and returning all will love.

Know you are worthy of everything and anything, even within your physicality that you have chosen.

If you are ready to hear these words, know we are listening, dear ones, for you are love, no matter the circumstances that which surrounds you.

God is with you.

See yourself as the light, as the beacon. You are light and love in all its eternity. We wish you to reflect inward, knowing this, as this cannot be anything else.

Your journey is one of the soul. Your human self is only temporary in nature.

Your soul and all light and love that exists beyond what you can see, hear, feel, and experience is, in its entirety, whole and complete.

You are whole and complete on the other side. We say with love, the experience is not to be dismissed. Evolve, pivot, and transform in the ways most beneficial to you. You are loved forever and always. This cannot be said another way. Blessings to all of you, my dear ones.



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